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Life As A Young Girl Growing Up In The Kenyan Highlands

Life As A Young Girl Growing Up In The Kenyan Highlands

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The young girl in this story has now grown up and is an adult.
She is a high school teacher and teaching in the United Kingdom (UK - England). She not only likes teaching her students but encouraging them too to dream big and aim very high. She reaches out to all children and young people across the world, challenging them to maximise their potential in all their endeavours.
Children across the whole world grow up in different home backgrounds, environments and settings. However, this story book highlighting this girl’s life experiences while growing up is a good example to showing children that they too can make it in life.
Growing up and going to school, she was constantly reminded of a phrase “education’s roots are bitter, but its fruits are very sweet.” This may be interpreted in number ways by different people, but she think it means that, though a lot of effort is needed to succeed, in the end, the benefits are far greater.
Education is a tool for social progress. It has placed people in positions locally, nationally, or internationally, that they may not have previously had access to. It has placed children from very poor and underprivileged backgrounds in high-ranking positions; giving them the voice they would otherwise have lacked. Meanwhile, it ensures that generations of children from a privileged background have the solid foundation necessary to ensure that they have a successful livelihood, rather than just relying on what has been passed to them by their parents or guardians. Owing to this foundation, they can protect their heritage and maintain the principles that ensure continued success for generations to come. Education places people in areas of responsibilities and capacities.
She knows of people from very disadvantaged backgrounds who have been empowered by education. They have made a positive difference in their own lives, families, communities, nations and internationally.
As a qualified school teacher, with many years’ experience teaching in both in Kenya and the United Kingdom – both at high school and college, she recognises that students are unique; each possessing different talents. However, she always encourages students to strive to obtain the best grades they can, after putting in their utmost effort.
So, to you students across the whole world, as an adult now and having grown up in the Kenyan highlands as a young girl, she challenges you to aim and set your bar in all aspects of your life very high.



    This book is a very good educational resource and tool. It is very empowering and yet a very positively challenging children's storybook. Place an order on it and add it to your home or school library.


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